Views on Drake’s New Album?

After waiting almost two years, Drake has released his fourth album ‘Views’, an abbreviated form of the original cover title ‘Views From the 6’ which referred to Drake’s hometown, Toronto. So what should we expect from his latest album? Well it’s Drake…there’s most likely to be references to fame, strippers, smoking weed and getting pissed!

Unfortunately, for those wondering when Drake’s album is going to appear on the popular streaming platform, Spotify, were currently bound to either buy it off of ITunes or stream it from Apple Music. Given that Spotify is one of the most popular streaming platforms, let’s hope it appears on there soon because Drake’s album is slightly on the pricey side. However, the long-awaited album includes many distinguished artists such as; Rihanna, Popcaan, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Wizkid, Future, dvsn and Pimp C. The album is pretty lengthy as well including a total of 20 songs, two of which you’ve most likely heard ‘Hotline Bling’ and ‘One Dance’. ‘One Dance’ follows a similar array of Drake’s number one collaboration with Rihanna ‘Work’, featuring the Nigerian recording Artist, Wizkid. This is the type of song that will get stuck in your head, with its catchy dance-inspired style beat. Hotline Bling is also pretty dated, released back in July 2015. Drake decided to scrap the single and has released it in his newest album. The R&B hit written by Drake and Nineteen85 sailed its way to number two in the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States. And the music video…brilliance. The video reveals us to some suave dance moves which inspired numerous memes, parodies and even Television Commercials.

Has drake managed to develop a meme-comeback? Of course. Somehow, Drake has proved yet again that he’s an Internet craze, with his figure appearing almost everywhere across the globe! Drake appears in his latest cover art, perched on top of the CN Tower in his hometown, Toronto. So where else has Drake featured? One ‘fan’ went as far placing Drake on the side of a trashcan, captioning “pretty much sums it up”. For another, Drake even appeared in a fans cooked breakfast claiming it as ‘the original cover art’. He’s pretty much appeared everywhere! Drake has definitely had a pretty big week also announcing that he’ll be hitting the road with future in his “Summer Sixteen Tour” appearing not only in one’s cooked breakfast’s but also in Chicago, New York and Miami to perform music from ‘Views’.

Despite two of Drake’s tracks leaking, one called ‘Faithful’ and the other ‘Controlla’, he’s managed to keep some of his tracks concealed. Combining elements of emotive R&B with Rap, Drake has attempted to diverge from his traditional style. Personally, I like it. His music encompassed within his album is chill and like any album, some of the songs stand out more than others. Out of the 20 songs, there a selective number that stand out for me including; ‘Keep the Family Close’, ‘9’, ‘With You’, ‘Still Here’, ‘One Dance’, ‘Child’s Play’ and ‘Too Good’.

Let’s start with ‘Keep the Family Close’ which appears as the first song in Drake’s album. This song enhanced by a band of orchestics is meaningful and dramatic. It is unclear to who exactly Drake is singing about, reinforcing the importance of keeping family close to your side. Is he talking about Nicki Minaj, Meek Hill…or all his other ex’s? With lyrics such as “You’re so predictable, I hate people like you”. This is a certainty a powerful and dramatic song and it makes you think. Next up is ‘Child Play’. Personally, with this song, Drake has managed to produce something that is just as catchy and effective as ‘One Dance’.

Drake’s album has certainly received much praise and the lyrics more so. ‘Child Play’ featured the sampled track New Orleans Artist called HaSizzle called “she rode that dick like a soldier”. This song also reveals to us that Drake loves Cheesecake ““Why you gotta fight with me at Cheesecake/ You know I love to go there” and despises women who attempt to embarrass him. It’s an interesting song with bizarre lyrics but a catchy, instrumental beat. Let’s take a look at ‘Still here’, positioned at the halfway point in the album and a song that has received much critique such as being called; ‘filler’ and a ‘skippable song’. Personally, I would have to disagree with such critic. This is a song with immense bass, lyrics which boast about drake’s fame “I make people pay for my time” and reinforcing that he’s definitely not going to disappear soon from the music industry. This song may be slightly arrogant…but then again Drake is rich and famous, so do you blame him?

I would recommend this album. For one, it’s Drake. For another, some of the songs are actually really diverse and catchy. Who hasn’t listened to ‘One Dance’ about one thousand times? I have. Similarly, some of his new songs are just as catchy! It’s definitely a change for Drake and it’s for the better.

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