Lewis Smith EP Launch – Raw 25/6/16

On Saturday 25th June, Lewis took to the stage at the small, iconic venue, The Joiners in Southampton to launch the release of his EP. Joiner’s arms is home to many up and coming bands to which Lewis had the chance to share footing with the likes of Catfish and The Bottlemen, The Kooks and even Oasis! LMS joined Lewis to help launch his first EP and our first attendance of an EP! LMS provided promotional support consisting of an article, video and photos all of which can be found on our Facebook and YouTube.
Yet at the early age of 15, head back a few years and Lewis suffered a life-threatening illness which brought his life to a significant halt. Doctors discovered that Lewis had unfortunately suffered a sinus infection and he was rushed to hospital where they performed immediate surgery. Yet despite everything Lewis has been through, he remains on the upper-hand and using music as escapism from reality. Lewis unfortunately was forced to give up the routine of continuous weekends of playing football and set about discovering his hidden talent. To his delight, Lewis’s music career was kick-started by the opportunity to meet and sing with his idol, Ed Sheeran. The Starlight Children’s foundation organised Lewis to fly to Prague to meet Ed Sheeran backstage and to sing alongside him. Lewis performed Tenerife Sea with Ed Sheeran and even sang one of his own songs! An unfortunate story to tell, but ultimately Lewis’s live changing experience opened up a new path.
The venue was packed out with friends, family and supporters of Lewis who all came to hear the delight of his musical talent. Warming up the stage was the young acoustic singer by the name of Tom Millichamp who offered slow paced covers, the warmth of his rhythmic acoustic guitar and the delicacy of his voice. Next up to take the stage was the duo, Dan Owers and Rhys Cameron Harries. The folk artists shaped a chill atmosphere as they synchronised the sound of their voices. Among the favourite of the supporting acts was Josh and Daisy. The duo brought to the stage meaniful yet amusing lyrics with their performance of ‘wolves’ which had the crowd laughing. Their performance seemed relaxed and confident. Last to the stage was Scott Freeman. The Winchester based artist, combined his mad persona and the thrashing of his acoustic guitar to electrify the atmosphere, setting the foundation for the headliner Lewis Smith.
Lewis’s style is somewhat unique and his genre is hard to define. He combines acoustic, folk, pop and dance from alternative rock fans to individuals who seek empowerment through the passion of music. As Lewis took to the stage, he was greeted by cheers. He began his evening by praising all those that had aided him along his strenuous journey. To get the crowd on their feet and in the vibe, Lewis cranked up the evening with a series of classic cover’s that had LMS reminiscing to the good old days of school discos. The first cover performed was the groovy ‘Rock your body’ by Justin Timberlake followed by ‘Great balls of fire’. Lewis danced his way around the stage and hyped up the crowd before he set about revealing his EP songs.
The first of the EP songs that Lewis sung was ‘Give me your love’, a slow paced song which builds into a memorable chorus. This song is presumably about a romance experience in which Lewis dwells on the past hoping to ‘replay’ and wanting ‘one more chance’. Lewis’s performance was significantly exciting and had the crowd laughing and singing along. His feet weren’t glued to the stage either and he made his way amongst the crowd holding out the mic and seeking the voice of the crowd to be heard. Next up on the EP was ‘Envy’, a slower paced song accompanied by the sound of an acoustic guitar. This song offered Lewis the chance to extend his vocals across the venue and had the crowd swaying along. The last of the EP was ‘my love’. Personally, this is by far the best song on the EP! This song has a fast paced beat accompanied by an electric guitar and the drums. This song is made so appealing by the emotive lyrics. At first glance you overlook the lyrics and tune in to the strumming of the guitar. However, the song has been written to recite his heart-breaking story with lyrics such as “tragic journey but I came out strong”.
Lewis once again finished off the evening with a series of covers. However this time, Lewis was joined by his band consisting of a lead guitarist, a bassist, a drummer and of course the lead singer himself. The band bonded together singing at each other and dancing their way around the stage.
The EP launch can only be described as exciting, thrilling and welcoming. The turnout was successful and the supporting acts enriched Lewis’s performance. One thing you can expect from Lewis is a confident performance that is full of energy. Make sure you check out his EP on Spotify ‘Raw’ where you will find 5 brilliant songs and a great piece of artwork!

Find the original article here: http://lmsukmedia.co.uk/lewis-smith-ep-launch-raw


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