Bestival 2016 – Was it the ‘best of all’?

As the festival season come’s to a close, it was time to partake in the biggest and best of them all. It’s safe to say that Bestival carry’s with it high expectations having received an award last year as the Best UK Major Festival.

On Friday 9th September, the team arrived feeling electrified by the atmosphere. Wandering late at night across the sight, there was a yearning buzz to the place as festival goers awaited on headliners such as Jess Glynne who took to the stage on Friday night. Immediately on arrival the LMS team were immersed in quirky entertainment in line with the futuristic theme. Heading towards the main stage we were enticed by a carnival which had a real gothic theme to it. The males of the group wore top hats, waistcoats and heavily applied makeup consisting of contrasting black and white colours. The forefront of the carnival came from those playing steel panned drums who stood out from the crowd with their glow in the dark drumheads. The sheer scale and preparation that organisers had undergone to animate the festival was spectacular. As you scanned the area, it was full of ginormous lakes, waterfalls, bridges, high flying flags and forest DJ’s! The evening saw the likes of Major Lazor with a set of carnival dancehall and Diplo certainly didn’t waste time rolling his way across the crowd in an inflatable ball!

After a heavy downfall over Friday night, Saturday immersed as a swampy mayhem! By mid-morning it settled down and it was time for us to leave our tents and to enjoy what Saturday had to offer…

At around 5 o’clock, headliner Craig David took to the stage. The crowd braved the mud to see the Southampton hero perform his old-school beats. He is a favourite of LMS, known for his humble personality and his proud local upbringing. He once said “you can take the boy out of Southampton, but you can’t take the Southampton out of a boy”. To our delight, the sun arose almost instantly after hours of rain and shone brightly on the stage. It was almost like Craig had some godlike ability or perhaps it was just a coincidence? What made the performance so exceptional was his voice. At moments Craig cut the music solely relying on lyrics and it was superb! The LMS team witnessed some astounding covers including ‘feed em to the lions’, Justin Bieber and our personal favourite DR Dre ‘the next episode’. It was the type of song that had the crowd jamming and bought back memories of old school rap. After a long break of between 15 to 16 years from the music industry, Craig’s comeback returned with his viral hit ‘fill me in/where are you now’ mashup. Craig showcased his talent on the DJ decks alongside being accompanied by the Kurrupt Crew who joined him on the Bestival main stage for his last song. Between songs, Craig even shared memorable experiences and came across as a genuine pop star who was grateful for what he had achieved.

After the show, the team headed backstage to interview Craig David. Asking Craig David about his performance, he told us “i was singing 7 days and the sun came out, everything happens for a reason”. Craig has certainly achieved vast success within the last couple of years with a sell out tour and an album coming out on September 30th! Be sure to check out the interview on our Youtube channel!

Saturday upped it’s game once again with a performance on the main stage from Wolf Alice. Famed for their 90’s indie rock sound, the North London band lit up the UK indie music scene with their debut album ‘my love is cool’. The band performed some massive hits such as ‘bro’s/nosedive’ and in recognition they received main stage slots at both Glastonbury and Bestival!  After, we headed backstage once again to interview the band. We met drummer Joel Amey and Theo Ellis who seemed to clearly be feeding off the adrenaline of their performance and were heavily grateful for all the support they had received.

The LMS team then decided to visit the smaller stages with performances from Vant and Hinds. Both had superb performances with lots of energy! After listening to Hinds, their last song received an unexpected arrival of around 40 people who all joined the band on stage and outnumbered the security to say the least!

The course of the weekend saw many special performances from Major Lazer, Bastille, The Cure,Years & Years, Fatboy Slim and Craig David.

Plans are already afoot for Bestival 2017, so if you’re suffering from the Bestival blues, never fear! Early Bird tickets for next year’s show are already available to purchase at 10am on Monday 19th September from Ticketline.

There was a real sense of party atmosphere over the course of the weekend. The futuristic themes, the astounding decorative features and of course the performances of internationally acclaimed artists made it a festival that could not be forgotten! After attending this year’s festival, it seems as if Bestival is setting the standard for the future…

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