Bournemouth Demands New Ice Rink

Main image courtesy of Dorset Holiday Cottages.

It’s been 25 years since Westover Ice Rink shut it’s doors to the public and plans to build a new Olympic-sized ice rink remain stagnant.

Planning permission received the green light from officials in 2010. Despite various developers taking an interest, the council are still unable to secure financial backing.

Councillor, John Beesley said: “It’s very disappointing after all the time and effort we have invested, but realistically we have tried every avenue.”


Bournemouth’s temporary outdoor ice rink in the garden’s. Credit: Geography.

In an attempt to secure a permanent ice rink, a petition was set up in 2014 to persuade the local council. However, failing to even reach it’s target of 5000 signatures, the authorities set the demands aside.

Bournemouth’s temporary outdoor ice rink in the gardens. Credit: Geography.John Preest, 44 said: “The problem is that rinks don’t make enough money, but what it gives to the community is something you can’t put a price on.”

The rink staged the world’s first ever ice show and was home to ice hockey team, Bournemouth Stags.


The proposed ice rink complex for King’s Park. Credit: Bournemouth Echo. The proposal includes plans to facilitate a competitive ice hockey team, with seating for up to 2,500 spectators. This would make it eligible to compete against teams like Guildford Flames in the English Premier Ice Hockey League.

Given the current situation, Bournemouth’s rink is still years away from opening.

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