Iconic Photos which Commemorate the Closure of Westover Rink

Main image courtesy of Bournemouth Echo.

Generations of local residents who enjoyed years of happiness at the rink share their memories prior to the upcoming reunion. 

The launch of the Facebook group, Westover Rink Memories, enabled the community to re-unite. It provided a platform for skating enthusiasts to socialise, share memories and form friendships as they did in the days of Westover Rink.

To celebrate the accomplishments of Westover Ice Rink in photography and storytelling, images have been brought together to reflect on Bournemouth’s beloved ice rink. Below is a detailed photo gallery.


Former members of the junior and senior Bournemouth Ice Hockey team held a training session in Gosport, following the annual reunion at The BIC. Among the crowd were former members of Bournemouth Stags (Luke Chamberlain and Owen Tyson). Credit: John Preest.


Former Bournemouth Stags player, Daryl Lipsey kitted up in his ice hockey gear. Lipsey played for The Stags during the years 1985-7, before moving to Swindon Wildcats. He was among one of the three allowed imports on the team. Credit: Old Time Hockey UK.


Alan Dring gives a first speed skating lesson in 1989 at Westover Ice Rink. Credit: Tracie Flint.


Toby Chamberlain played on the first line for Bournemouth Hounds. At the time the picture was taken, he was 15 years of age. He was described as ‘the Wayne Rooney of ice hockey’ and was highly praised amongst the ice hockey community. Credit John Preest.


Mavis Linter and Mollie Prescott, Ice Follies 61/2. The ice follies of the 60s and 70s, held between the end of May right through to October. The shows featured glittering stars and costumes which drew in large crowds. Credit: Mave Swainson.


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