London Attack 22/3/17 – An Attack on Democracy

No words can describe the horrific course of events that unfolded today, bringing part’s of London to a grinding halt. Likewise, no one can justify an attack on innocent members of society for their own fixations. 

Our hearts go out to those who were injured, lost their lives or had to witness the sheer bloodshed that took place today.

Everyone is always aware of the danger’s that can occur. Although, you cannot live in in the constant fear of being attacked.

“More people ran into danger to help those injured than went to cause harm. There are more of us than you. Good will win.” – Louis Dodds

The Attack 

On Wednesday 22nd March, a terrorist attack took place near Parliament building in the centre of London. A total of 5 people were killed in the attack, including the attacker and the policemen and a further 40 people injured.

Photo 2 London

Credit: Toby Mellville/Reutors

The driver of the vechile ploughed into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge, before storming parliament. He then crashed into the railing of the Houses of Parliament and exited the car to continue the attack. After being confronted by a police officer, he stabbed the officer, who is reported dead. The attacker was then shot by an armed officer and is also confirmed dead.

Today’s incident also lands on the same day as the one year anniversary of the Brussels airpot attack. A coincidence?

Photo 123 London

Credit: Stefan Rousseau

Graphic images sprung up all over the internet. Journalists and citizens took to their phones and cameras to capture shocking scenes of the injured and the chaos that had emerged. The photographs showed victims lying on the Westminster bridge in streams of blood. Circled around them, paramedics fought to save their lives as cops confirmed they were treating the incident as a terror attack. People from all over the world took to social media to express their concerns. Other media Facebook checkplatforms interviewed eyewitnesses, live streamed throughout the day and brought constant updates.

The hashtag #WeAreNotAfraid became trending online. Using the London underground icon, people posted ‘We are not Afraid’ alongside anti-terrorism captions. Others shared posts using the hashtag #PrayForLondon.

Facebook also set up a safety check for family and friends ‘The Attack in Westminster’. It is designed to help loved ones know whether or not they have been effected. Thankfully, although i knew people in and around the area today, no one i knew was hurt.

Timeline of Events:

  • Firstly, a 4×4 car ploughed through a crowd of people on Westminster Bridge shorty after 2.30pm
  • Emergency Services received calls at 2:40 – It was treated as a ‘Terrorist Attack’
  • Then the car continued towards Parliament causing people to flee and jump into The Thames
  • The car then continued towards Parliament before colliding into a gate
  • The attacker attempted to make his way into Parliament before being confronted by a police officer
  • The attacker then stabbed a policemen – Foreign Minister, Tobias Ellwood attempted to safe the officer’s life by performing CPR. However, the police officer died.
  • The attacker was then shot by armed officers

Summary of Events: 

  • 5 people died – a police officer, the attacker, people believed to have been on the bridge
  • At least 40 people were injured in what was being treated as a “Terrorist Incident”
  • Injured – a badly-injured women was rescued from the Thames. A group of French students and students from North West of England were also injured. Two Romanian citizens were also injured
  • Large areas of central London were shut off to the public
  • Houses of Parliament was put on full Lockdown and Theresa May was escorted by Police

“You never realise the pain until it happens to where you feel safe.” RIP to everyone who lost their lives today.


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