London Attack 22/3/17 – An Attack on Democracy

No words can describe the horrific course of events that unfolded today, bringing part’s of London to a grinding halt. Likewise, no one can justify an attack on innocent members of society for their own fixations. 

Our hearts go out to those who were injured, lost their lives or had to witness the sheer bloodshed that took place today.

Everyone is always aware of the danger’s that can occur. Although, you cannot live in in the constant fear of being attacked.

“More people ran into danger to help those injured than went to cause harm. There are more of us than you. Good will win.” – Louis Dodds

The Attack 

On Wednesday 22nd March, a terrorist attack took place near Parliament building in the centre of London. A total of 5 people were killed in the attack, including the attacker and the policemen and a further 40 people injured.

Photo 2 London

Credit: Toby Mellville/Reutors

The driver of the vechile ploughed into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge, before storming parliament. He then crashed into the railing of the Houses of Parliament and exited the car to continue the attack. After being confronted by a police officer, he stabbed the officer, who is reported dead. The attacker was then shot by an armed officer and is also confirmed dead.

Today’s incident also lands on the same day as the one year anniversary of the Brussels airpot attack. A coincidence?

Photo 123 London

Credit: Stefan Rousseau

Graphic images sprung up all over the internet. Journalists and citizens took to their phones and cameras to capture shocking scenes of the injured and the chaos that had emerged. The photographs showed victims lying on the Westminster bridge in streams of blood. Circled around them, paramedics fought to save their lives as cops confirmed they were treating the incident as a terror attack. People from all over the world took to social media to express their concerns. Other media Facebook checkplatforms interviewed eyewitnesses, live streamed throughout the day and brought constant updates.

The hashtag #WeAreNotAfraid became trending online. Using the London underground icon, people posted ‘We are not Afraid’ alongside anti-terrorism captions. Others shared posts using the hashtag #PrayForLondon.

Facebook also set up a safety check for family and friends ‘The Attack in Westminster’. It is designed to help loved ones know whether or not they have been effected. Thankfully, although i knew people in and around the area today, no one i knew was hurt.

Timeline of Events:

  • Firstly, a 4×4 car ploughed through a crowd of people on Westminster Bridge shorty after 2.30pm
  • Emergency Services received calls at 2:40 – It was treated as a ‘Terrorist Attack’
  • Then the car continued towards Parliament causing people to flee and jump into The Thames
  • The car then continued towards Parliament before colliding into a gate
  • The attacker attempted to make his way into Parliament before being confronted by a police officer
  • The attacker then stabbed a policemen – Foreign Minister, Tobias Ellwood attempted to safe the officer’s life by performing CPR. However, the police officer died.
  • The attacker was then shot by armed officers

Summary of Events: 

  • 5 people died – a police officer, the attacker, people believed to have been on the bridge
  • At least 40 people were injured in what was being treated as a “Terrorist Incident”
  • Injured – a badly-injured women was rescued from the Thames. A group of French students and students from North West of England were also injured. Two Romanian citizens were also injured
  • Large areas of central London were shut off to the public
  • Houses of Parliament was put on full Lockdown and Theresa May was escorted by Police

“You never realise the pain until it happens to where you feel safe.” RIP to everyone who lost their lives today.


Bournemouth residents protest against Donald Trump


As tensions heighten, Bournemouth residents took to the streets, equipped with posters and placards to voice their concerns against the recent policies which have caused mass controversy, particularly regarding abortion, migrants and the media.

The protest between 6-8pm on Monday 20th February, led by, Elizabeth Dunn-Hallet, took four weeks in the making.

Organiser Elizabeth, 32, said: “I saw the protests taking place in London and realised I wasn’t able to attend. Someone had commented below saying that they’d moved to Bournemouth and nothing like this had ever happened in Bournemouth.”

The protest drew in people far and wide, with a differing range of views, from families to students, to pensioners. One elderly couple was reported to have travelled all the way from Salisbury due to the lack of protests in their area.

A protestor holds a placard urging for “love not hate”

The protest was organised to coincide in line with similar events around the UK, targeting the US president’s executive order, which prevented migrants from seven countries entering America.

Demonstrators around the UK also urged the Prime Minister to withdraw her controversial invitation of a state visit to Mr Trump, denouncing his travel place as “racist”.

The visit led to a petition, signed by an astonishing 1.8 million people in Britain. Despite the government rejecting it, Parliament is set to debate the petition (Monday, February 20).

Chelsea Vallace, 41, commented on the protest: “It might not make an impact, but it will certainly make a noise.

“It’s not about changing things, it’s showing how many people are against what he’s trying to implement. “

She added: “If your passionate, you should be out here, projecting your voice”.

Bryony Bratchell, 24, said: “One protest alone of this size is never going to make a huge difference, so many protests are going on around the UK, it’s gone to show that people in the UK aren’t standing for his views”.

Protesters projected their voice, expressing their concerns against the current presidency deserving it as ‘scary’, ‘racist’ and full of ‘hatred’.

They voiced that individuals should not be judged by race and religion and humanity should be united as one.

An amusing placard with Donald Trump’s hair swaying in the wind as the centrepiece.

Richard Dunn-Hallett, 31, said: “Everyone has a different viewpoint, however, we all share a similar ideology which is ‘love not hate’ – the current climate edges more towards hate. We are all here to stand up against the hate.”

Protesters brandished placards calling on ‘love not hate’, while one protester’s sign referenced the controversial claims of ‘Fake News’: “Fake News? Fake President”. Protesters also featured slogans such as “ “2,4,6,8, we will not succumb to hate”.

Others in spite of the Anti-Trump protest took the opportunity to voice their support for the controversial president.

Bryony Bratchell, 24, anti-Trump, commented: “To begin with, there were a number of people with pro-Trump signs, I’m glad it didn’t become one vs another, it was supposed to be more about people unifying together”.

A pro-Trump supporter said: “America is in a better place because of Donald Trump. Hail Donald Trump!”

Tens of thousands of anti-Trump protests also took place across dozens of cities around the UK, including EdinburghManchesterCambridge and Swansea.

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Sir David Attenborough Returns for Blue Planet II


Sixteen years on from the original series, the sequel will immerse us deeper below uncharted waters, opening our eyes to a fresh cast of aquatic animals including a new species of hairy-chested crab and snub-fin dolphins.

In announcing Blue Planet II, Sir David Attenborough said:

I am truly thrilled to be joining this new exploration of the underwater worlds which cover most of our planet, yet are still its least known.

The BBC’s Natural History Unit spent four year’s filming the new documentary, exploring every ocean and continent. They’ve also developed new filming techniques such as ‘suction cams’ which enable the viewer to travel on the back of creatures such as whales and sharks.

James Honeyborne, the series’ executive producer, said: “The oceans are the most exciting place to be right now, because new scientific discoveries have given us a new perspective of life beneath the waves.”

Despite criticism which revealed that around 2% of the original series was filmed at aquariums, the series went on to win numerous Emmy and BAFTA TV awards.

It bought together viewers from around the world in the aftermath of the 9/11 attack 15 years ago and went on to sell in more than 50 countries.

More recently, Planet Earth II went on to break all records, snatching position as the most watched natural history documentary of all time. Sir David Attenborough’s documentaries continue to break records and it’s likely that Blue Planet II will continue this trend.

The new series is due to be broadcasted in Autumn.

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Doing it With Style- Nando’s Competition to Open Restaurant at BH2

The £50 million BH2 development located in Bournemouth’s town centre is finally becoming a reality with businesses opening their doors from as early as January 2017. Among the variety of restaurant’s, Nando’s is set to be the next. 

View of the BH2 development

The BH2 complex currently under development.

As part of the opening ceremony, Nando’s has announced that one lucky winner of the competition will formally open the restaurant on Wednesday, February 15th. They’re also inviting three other friends to it’s ‘housewarming party’.

25 years since the first Nando’s opened in the UK, the chain has virtually conquered Britain, catering for all, whether it’s first time dater’s or celebrity black card holders.

The complex will also include a number of inviting restaurants: TGI Fridays, Chiquito, Las Iguanas, Joe’s Kitchen and Handmade Burger Co.

Other restaurants include: Bella Italia, Prezzo, Ask Italian, Coast to Coast and Frankie and Bennies.

Since the closure of Westover Ice Rink, there remain minimal recreational activities for younger generations. The new complex will profoundly benefit the Bournemouth community.


The new Nandos due to open Wednesday, February 15th.

A 2000 seater Odeon cinema is also due to open this Friday. Tickets are on sale, hosting a number of blockbuster films including; Fifty Shades Darker, The LEGO Batman Movie. It is set to replace the town’s outmoded Odeon and ABC cinema’s, located on Westover Road.

The West Central leisure complex is situated opposite the recent £60 million Terrace Mount Development and minutes from the sea front. It’s estimated the complex will create a further 300 jobs.

To enter the competition, visit for a chance to cut the ribbon.

Iconic Photos which Commemorate the Closure of Westover Rink

Main image courtesy of Bournemouth Echo.

Generations of local residents who enjoyed years of happiness at the rink share their memories prior to the upcoming reunion. 

The launch of the Facebook group, Westover Rink Memories, enabled the community to re-unite. It provided a platform for skating enthusiasts to socialise, share memories and form friendships as they did in the days of Westover Rink.

To celebrate the accomplishments of Westover Ice Rink in photography and storytelling, images have been brought together to reflect on Bournemouth’s beloved ice rink. Below is a detailed photo gallery.


Former members of the junior and senior Bournemouth Ice Hockey team held a training session in Gosport, following the annual reunion at The BIC. Among the crowd were former members of Bournemouth Stags (Luke Chamberlain and Owen Tyson). Credit: John Preest.


Former Bournemouth Stags player, Daryl Lipsey kitted up in his ice hockey gear. Lipsey played for The Stags during the years 1985-7, before moving to Swindon Wildcats. He was among one of the three allowed imports on the team. Credit: Old Time Hockey UK.


Alan Dring gives a first speed skating lesson in 1989 at Westover Ice Rink. Credit: Tracie Flint.


Toby Chamberlain played on the first line for Bournemouth Hounds. At the time the picture was taken, he was 15 years of age. He was described as ‘the Wayne Rooney of ice hockey’ and was highly praised amongst the ice hockey community. Credit John Preest.


Mavis Linter and Mollie Prescott, Ice Follies 61/2. The ice follies of the 60s and 70s, held between the end of May right through to October. The shows featured glittering stars and costumes which drew in large crowds. Credit: Mave Swainson.

Bournemouth Demands New Ice Rink

Main image courtesy of Dorset Holiday Cottages.

It’s been 25 years since Westover Ice Rink shut it’s doors to the public and plans to build a new Olympic-sized ice rink remain stagnant.

Planning permission received the green light from officials in 2010. Despite various developers taking an interest, the council are still unable to secure financial backing.

Councillor, John Beesley said: “It’s very disappointing after all the time and effort we have invested, but realistically we have tried every avenue.”


Bournemouth’s temporary outdoor ice rink in the garden’s. Credit: Geography.

In an attempt to secure a permanent ice rink, a petition was set up in 2014 to persuade the local council. However, failing to even reach it’s target of 5000 signatures, the authorities set the demands aside.

Bournemouth’s temporary outdoor ice rink in the gardens. Credit: Geography.John Preest, 44 said: “The problem is that rinks don’t make enough money, but what it gives to the community is something you can’t put a price on.”

The rink staged the world’s first ever ice show and was home to ice hockey team, Bournemouth Stags.


The proposed ice rink complex for King’s Park. Credit: Bournemouth Echo. The proposal includes plans to facilitate a competitive ice hockey team, with seating for up to 2,500 spectators. This would make it eligible to compete against teams like Guildford Flames in the English Premier Ice Hockey League.

Given the current situation, Bournemouth’s rink is still years away from opening.

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Bournemouth’s Stag Star Reflects on his Career

Image courtesy of Swindon Advertiser.

In tracking down former Ice Hockey players of Bournemouth Stags, the name Daryl Lipsey, was one of significance. He shared his experiences during his time at Westover Ice Rink. 

Originally from Battleford, Canada, Lipsey began ice skating at the age of two and by seven his career in ice hockey had begun.

In 1984, at 20 years of age and due to depart to Stuttgart in Germany, his contract fell through. Instead, he was offered and accepted a place with Bournemouth Stags as one of battlefordthe teams three allowed imports. His first word’s were one’s of surprise “they play ice hockey over there?” Then on arrival, he was shocked at what he thought was a practice rink which actually happened to be the Stag’s home rink!

Two year’s later, Lipsey transferred to the newly-formed Swindon Wildcats.Sporting the number 14 jersey, he shone a bright light on Swindon Wildcats as player-coach for nine years.

daryl-lipseyHeadhunted, he joined Manchester Storm in 1995 as player and assistant coach, enjoying a short-lived string of success. He became the Storm’s Head Coach for season  2001-2, before financial hardship caused the team to disband. Lipsey’s endless days of goal scoring may have come to a close, but his love for ice hockey is far from over. 30 years later, Lipsey continues to uphold a legacy by the nickname of ‘Mr Swindon Hockey’. Lispey will be buckling up his boots and returning to the ice once again to celebrate Swindon Wildcat’s 30th Anniversary in a game of Legends v Wildcats.

Below is the full interview:

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Donald Trump loses momentum as sexual allegations arise


The 2016 race is shaping up to be a jittery battle as Trump continues to doubt Hillary’s physical and mental stamina to become the next president. Although the tables have turned this week placing Clinton at the forefront of campaigning…

This week has certainly been one of unease for Republican Nominee, Donald Trump. Numbers have taken a serious plunge as polls sway in favour of Hillary Clinton.

It’s not looking hopeful for Trump as support is drastically on the downturn due to recent exposure to sexual allegations.

As of most recent polls, Fox News reveals that Clinton is leading by 7% securing 45% of voters, with Trump trailing behind on 38%.

Back in early October, nominees were back to back in a close battle as Clinton marginally took the lead by only 2%. Chances for Mr Trump seem to be less possible than ever before.

New footage has been released which captures ‘ladies man’, Mr Trump using foul-mouthed remarks towards an unnamed married women by the name of Nancy O’Dell.

The footage obtained by The Washington Post dates back to 2005. In the footage Trump makes fowl comments towards the young lady such as “grabbing women by the pussy”. Trump has since defended the comments that he made insisting that it was only “locker room talk”.

Various women have also shared their distressing stories of sexual abuse against the Republican Nominee. The allegations span from the 1980’s to 2013.

Among the many of victims was Rachel Crooks. Rachel Crooks claimed that in 2005, Trump approached her, kissing her directly on the cheeks and then on the mouth.

She told The Times it was “inappropriate” and was distraught by the fact that Trump considered her of such insignificance that he could get away with such assault.

A total of 13 victims have made allegations including Trump’s first wife who claims to have been “forced to have sex with him”.

Donald Trump on Thursday during a speech denied the allegations of sexual assault, disregarding claims of the accusers and denouncing slanderous media outlets.

“They are totally and absolutely  false” Trump said suggesting such claims are an affront to the credibility of his campaign. “These claims are all fabricated and they’re outright lies”.

Trump continues to denounce the newspapers suggesting that the Clinton’s are “criminals” and are closely “tied to media organisations”.

Further ridiculous comments emerged over the last week, claiming Clinton to be on drugs and elections to be ‘rigged’ continuing to make his position as becoming president rather ‘laughable’.

Mr Trump has never fell short of expressing his ‘traditionalist’ attitude towards women and their place in society. Although this time, the scandal threatens to endanger his campaign which stands on the foundations of race-baiting ideas. As Donald Trump once said: his number one priority was having “great respect for women”. Think again Mr Trump, I think your slightly incorrect on this one…

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