Bournemouth Demands New Ice Rink

Main image courtesy of Dorset Holiday Cottages.

It’s been 25 years since Westover Ice Rink shut it’s doors to the public and plans to build a new Olympic-sized ice rink remain stagnant.

Planning permission received the green light from officials in 2010. Despite various developers taking an interest, the council are still unable to secure financial backing.

Councillor, John Beesley said: “It’s very disappointing after all the time and effort we have invested, but realistically we have tried every avenue.”


Bournemouth’s temporary outdoor ice rink in the garden’s. Credit: Geography.

In an attempt to secure a permanent ice rink, a petition was set up in 2014 to persuade the local council. However, failing to even reach it’s target of 5000 signatures, the authorities set the demands aside.

Bournemouth’s temporary outdoor ice rink in the gardens. Credit: Geography.John Preest, 44 said: “The problem is that rinks don’t make enough money, but what it gives to the community is something you can’t put a price on.”

The rink staged the world’s first ever ice show and was home to ice hockey team, Bournemouth Stags.


The proposed ice rink complex for King’s Park. Credit: Bournemouth Echo. The proposal includes plans to facilitate a competitive ice hockey team, with seating for up to 2,500 spectators. This would make it eligible to compete against teams like Guildford Flames in the English Premier Ice Hockey League.

Given the current situation, Bournemouth’s rink is still years away from opening.

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Bournemouth’s Stag Star Reflects on his Career

Image courtesy of Swindon Advertiser.

In tracking down former Ice Hockey players of Bournemouth Stags, the name Daryl Lipsey, was one of significance. He shared his experiences during his time at Westover Ice Rink. 

Originally from Battleford, Canada, Lipsey began ice skating at the age of two and by seven his career in ice hockey had begun.

In 1984, at 20 years of age and due to depart to Stuttgart in Germany, his contract fell through. Instead, he was offered and accepted a place with Bournemouth Stags as one of battlefordthe teams three allowed imports. His first word’s were one’s of surprise “they play ice hockey over there?” Then on arrival, he was shocked at what he thought was a practice rink which actually happened to be the Stag’s home rink!

Two year’s later, Lipsey transferred to the newly-formed Swindon Wildcats.Sporting the number 14 jersey, he shone a bright light on Swindon Wildcats as player-coach for nine years.

daryl-lipseyHeadhunted, he joined Manchester Storm in 1995 as player and assistant coach, enjoying a short-lived string of success. He became the Storm’s Head Coach for season  2001-2, before financial hardship caused the team to disband. Lipsey’s endless days of goal scoring may have come to a close, but his love for ice hockey is far from over. 30 years later, Lipsey continues to uphold a legacy by the nickname of ‘Mr Swindon Hockey’. Lispey will be buckling up his boots and returning to the ice once again to celebrate Swindon Wildcat’s 30th Anniversary in a game of Legends v Wildcats.

Below is the full interview:

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Cyber-Hackers target Deliveroo stealing hundreds of pounds worth of food


Thanks to the simplicity of apps such as Uber and Deliveroo, in just a few clicks an appetising meal is bought straight to your door. The company started in 2013 to provide a home delivery service for popular restaurants such as Wagamama and Gourmet Burger Kitchen.

Since then, almost every restaurant has hopped on the band wagon, flourishing from it’s success. According to the Telegraphthe service is due to hit revenues of £130m this year making it one of the UK’s most-promising technologies.

Customer’s of the delivery food service have received reported order’s, totalling to hundreds of pounds being made to their credit or debit cards. The fraudulent order’s have been addressed to locations across the country their not registered too.

There have been numerous reported cases over the past few days. Michael Wootten, a 25 year old student from Bournemouth, said that someone had ordered food to Manchester University Campus and Deliveroo failed to notify him.


Mary and Michael, who are student’s at Southampton University also fell victims of the fraud. Their shared account lost a total of £440 in one evening. The scammers made various delivery orders up to 120 miles from their address.

In a statement they said: “At 2:30am one morning we got a stream of emails saying that we had made various Deliveroo orders,” said Mary. “It’s been awful, they took nearly everything and then I’ve had to pretty much beg, borrow and steal off fellow flatmates, friends and parents.”

A spokesman for Deliveroo stated that the company was completely aware of the issue. They stressed that no credit card details had been stolen and the situation was extremely ‘rare’.

“These issues occur when criminals use a password stolen from another service unrelated to our company in a major data breach,” the company said. Deliveroo believes that fraudsters accessed account details through data stolen in previous hacking scandals online.

However, possible explanation’s surround the lack of sufficient security services provided by Deliveroo. In order to make it more secure, they could have checked the addresses on the order. Had it been suspiciously far away from the billing address of the registered account, notifying the customer would have prevented further fraudulent orders.

There have been numerous occurrences in which the company has received negative critic. Allegations in the past surround the welfare of it’s cyclists who were battling against the clock and causing a danger to the road. There have also been instances where rider’s have taken to the street’s in a protest over dramatic pay conditions.

Deliveroo advise’s customers to safeguard their security by choosing a password that is strong and unique. They are also working alongside customers to reimburse them for fraudulent transactions.

On rare occurrences, cybercriminals can go as far as to gain full access to all of your online accounts. This guide to help you protect your online identity should help you out.  Alternatively, join the discussion on twitter: #deliveroo.

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Planet Earth II Review: Three years in the making and it’s extraordinary


Ten years ago, Planet Earth astonished viewers with breathtaking cinematography which captured the unprecedented nature of the Earth at it’s finest. Cast your mind’s back to the first ever episode of the series, Attenborough told viewers “this series will take you to the last wilderness and show you the planet and it’s wildlife as you have never seen it before”.

The first episode urged viewers to take a back-seat, observing the eye-opening effects of climate change. It transformed our perception of the planet we live in.

The beloved nature series exceeded all expectations, winning awards across the globe. Filmed in mind-bobbling definition, it was the pinnacle of success for Sir David Attenborough. The first episode alone was watched by more people than any other natural history programme since his previous production ‘The Blue Planet’ in 2001.

After a long awaited break of ten years, the six part sequel returns as Planet Earth II. This time it’s shot in an even sharper, more detailed Ultra High Definition. Since it’s release in 2006, a lot has changed. Advances in technology have opened up opportunities for filmmakers, venturing to places that would have never been possible before.

The theme of the first episode was ‘islands’ which took us around the globe, uncovering remote island’s inhibited by all sorts of exotic species. Shot from a hot air balloon, high above the alps, Attenborough looks down on the world below him and reflects on what has changed since.

He promises us “new wildlife drama’s” and a “journey to every corner of the globe”. He does not fail to deliver. On the basis of the opening scene, it already outshines the previous series! Moreover, it features legendary broadcaster Sir David Attenborough who returns at a ripe age of 90 years old.

Our first encounter with nature is an adorable three-toed pygmy sloth in Escudo, of Panama. At the call of a potential mate, the Sloth springs into action and sets about an tedious journey across the jungle.

Unfortunately for this ambitious sloth, at it’s arrival there appears to be a smaller equivalent, of which is perched up next to his mother. Aside the pleasant nature of Sloths, we are also introduced to a number of ravening creatures.

One of the most talked-about scenes in the first episode has to be the baby Iguana as it ran from a swarm of racer snakes on the Galapagos Island of Fernandina. The snakes lurked amongst the rocks stalking their prey.

The desperate rush for safety began as a snake pranced up behind the Iguana. Just as it looked like the slithery beasts were about to strangle it to death, the iguana somehow miraculously escaped.

Never has a 2 minute scene had the heart pumping so hard. It was simply enthralling to watch and was like a scene out of ‘Snakes on a Plane’. Critics even dubbed it as one of the greatest scenes in television history.


That wasn’t all Planet Earth II had in store. The theme of the second episode was ‘mountains’ which took us high above the clouds to explore some of nature’s rarest landscapes.

Freezing cold temperatures brings with it a climate that is so harsh, only a few of the most pioneering animals have what it take’s to survive.

Among the animals which feature in this episode include; leopards, eagles, bears and even flamingo’s. One of the mountains most breath-taking moments involved the golden eagle in the French Alps.

The impressive, yet fearsome predator dived at a speed of 200mph, before snatching the corpse of a fox. The eagle asserts his dominance over the valley before being outmuscled by a bigger, more fierce eagle.

It was a ferocious battle between the two predators who fought for their survival. The rare sighting of snow leopards certainly heightened the episode. According to the BBC, there are only as a few as 3,500 remaining in the wild.

Within a 40 mile radius of the filming, there were only as few as 4! Aside the beauty of the snow leopard, one of the highlights of this episode had to be the grizzly bears. It was the moment that put a big smile on the face of viewers. The Northern Brown Bear’s jiggled and juddered to the sound of music, showing of their best impressions of Baloo.


Unfortunately, the series has already reached it’s halfway mark. Nonetheless, it’s not quite over yet and who know’s what the BBC will throw at us next. Let’s just hope they leave the best to last.

One thing we do know though, next week is jungles which means spiders, frogs and all sorts of creepy crawlies. It’s safe to say that Planet Earth has definitely excelled itself this year and as the week’s pass, it continues only to get better and better!

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Album Review: Craig David ‘Following my Intuition’

Cast your mind back to August, where Craig David left us on the edge of our seats waiting desperately for his new album and big comeback. The wait is finally over! The star has finally released ‘Following My Intuition’. The latest album from the singer/rapper includes popular hits ‘When the Baseline Drops’ and ‘Ain’t Giving Up’. The album also includes collaborations with the likes of Big Narstie, Sigala and even Kaytranada!

‘Following my intuition’ is David’s first album in 6 years and the first since ‘Signed Sealed Delivered’ was released back in 2010 entering the UK Albums Charts at number 13. Although ‘Signed Sealed Delivered sold over 30,000 copies, the response was not what David had hoped for. The exacerbation began for the musician when comedian Leigh Francis began his hit comedy show ‘Bo’ Selecta!’ which more or less singled him out and his career took a swerve.

Whilst the album is heavily centred around the Garage/EDM genre, there are also instances where the star breaks away from his conventional style and opts for a style of ambience.

The first track on the new album is ‘Ain’t Giving Up’. Craig mixes his refreshing vocals with Sigala’supbeat piano chords which forms a track that is both unique and gets you in the party spirit. Distinctive in sound and hybrid’s genres of garage and tropical house, it’s presumably a love song surrounding emotions of distress but with a fast beat to get you in the mood to dance.

Also showcased on the album is David’s rapping talents with tongue twister lyrics on his track ‘16’ such as “spit a 16, a sick quick 16, I been doing this since I was 16”. This track was a sampler from Jack Jack Ü’s anthem ‘Where Are Ü Now’ which features Craig’s viral mashup ‘Fill me in’. Another favourite that really stands out amongst the album is ‘GOT IT GOOD’. This collaboration between Craig and Kaytranada, heavily relies on Craig’s distinctive voice and the backing of a drum beat. The song was released in May as part of Kaytranada’s debut album.

Whilst the album is heavily centred around the Garage/EDM genre, there are also instances where the star breaks away from his conventional style and opts for a style of ambience. ‘All we needed’ is a more relaxed track amongst the album reliant on the mellifluous voice of David and the instrumental sound of a piano beat. Some other more well-known tracks on the album include ‘When the Baseline Drops’, ‘One More Time’, ‘Nothing Like This’, ‘GOT IT GOOD’ and ‘All We Needed’.

This album is a perfect intermix of David’s traditional garage sound, R&B and club anthems. The Southampton beloved artist has formed an album that celebrates authentic British sound. Craig celebrates his comeback with tracks that boast about his prosperity as an artist and success that has led him to the peak of his career.

This album clearly shows off his variety of talent with tracks that are emotional and soulful to bass drops that’ll have you dancing all night long. Securing headlining positions across the UK and announcing his first UK tour in 15 years, it’s looking pretty hopeful for Craig…

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Donald Trump loses momentum as sexual allegations arise


The 2016 race is shaping up to be a jittery battle as Trump continues to doubt Hillary’s physical and mental stamina to become the next president. Although the tables have turned this week placing Clinton at the forefront of campaigning…

This week has certainly been one of unease for Republican Nominee, Donald Trump. Numbers have taken a serious plunge as polls sway in favour of Hillary Clinton.

It’s not looking hopeful for Trump as support is drastically on the downturn due to recent exposure to sexual allegations.

As of most recent polls, Fox News reveals that Clinton is leading by 7% securing 45% of voters, with Trump trailing behind on 38%.

Back in early October, nominees were back to back in a close battle as Clinton marginally took the lead by only 2%. Chances for Mr Trump seem to be less possible than ever before.

New footage has been released which captures ‘ladies man’, Mr Trump using foul-mouthed remarks towards an unnamed married women by the name of Nancy O’Dell.

The footage obtained by The Washington Post dates back to 2005. In the footage Trump makes fowl comments towards the young lady such as “grabbing women by the pussy”. Trump has since defended the comments that he made insisting that it was only “locker room talk”.

Various women have also shared their distressing stories of sexual abuse against the Republican Nominee. The allegations span from the 1980’s to 2013.

Among the many of victims was Rachel Crooks. Rachel Crooks claimed that in 2005, Trump approached her, kissing her directly on the cheeks and then on the mouth.

She told The Times it was “inappropriate” and was distraught by the fact that Trump considered her of such insignificance that he could get away with such assault.

A total of 13 victims have made allegations including Trump’s first wife who claims to have been “forced to have sex with him”.

Donald Trump on Thursday during a speech denied the allegations of sexual assault, disregarding claims of the accusers and denouncing slanderous media outlets.

“They are totally and absolutely  false” Trump said suggesting such claims are an affront to the credibility of his campaign. “These claims are all fabricated and they’re outright lies”.

Trump continues to denounce the newspapers suggesting that the Clinton’s are “criminals” and are closely “tied to media organisations”.

Further ridiculous comments emerged over the last week, claiming Clinton to be on drugs and elections to be ‘rigged’ continuing to make his position as becoming president rather ‘laughable’.

Mr Trump has never fell short of expressing his ‘traditionalist’ attitude towards women and their place in society. Although this time, the scandal threatens to endanger his campaign which stands on the foundations of race-baiting ideas. As Donald Trump once said: his number one priority was having “great respect for women”. Think again Mr Trump, I think your slightly incorrect on this one…

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Bestival 2016 – Was it the ‘best of all’?

As the festival season come’s to a close, it was time to partake in the biggest and best of them all. It’s safe to say that Bestival carry’s with it high expectations having received an award last year as the Best UK Major Festival.

On Friday 9th September, the team arrived feeling electrified by the atmosphere. Wandering late at night across the sight, there was a yearning buzz to the place as festival goers awaited on headliners such as Jess Glynne who took to the stage on Friday night. Immediately on arrival the LMS team were immersed in quirky entertainment in line with the futuristic theme. Heading towards the main stage we were enticed by a carnival which had a real gothic theme to it. The males of the group wore top hats, waistcoats and heavily applied makeup consisting of contrasting black and white colours. The forefront of the carnival came from those playing steel panned drums who stood out from the crowd with their glow in the dark drumheads. The sheer scale and preparation that organisers had undergone to animate the festival was spectacular. As you scanned the area, it was full of ginormous lakes, waterfalls, bridges, high flying flags and forest DJ’s! The evening saw the likes of Major Lazor with a set of carnival dancehall and Diplo certainly didn’t waste time rolling his way across the crowd in an inflatable ball!

After a heavy downfall over Friday night, Saturday immersed as a swampy mayhem! By mid-morning it settled down and it was time for us to leave our tents and to enjoy what Saturday had to offer…

At around 5 o’clock, headliner Craig David took to the stage. The crowd braved the mud to see the Southampton hero perform his old-school beats. He is a favourite of LMS, known for his humble personality and his proud local upbringing. He once said “you can take the boy out of Southampton, but you can’t take the Southampton out of a boy”. To our delight, the sun arose almost instantly after hours of rain and shone brightly on the stage. It was almost like Craig had some godlike ability or perhaps it was just a coincidence? What made the performance so exceptional was his voice. At moments Craig cut the music solely relying on lyrics and it was superb! The LMS team witnessed some astounding covers including ‘feed em to the lions’, Justin Bieber and our personal favourite DR Dre ‘the next episode’. It was the type of song that had the crowd jamming and bought back memories of old school rap. After a long break of between 15 to 16 years from the music industry, Craig’s comeback returned with his viral hit ‘fill me in/where are you now’ mashup. Craig showcased his talent on the DJ decks alongside being accompanied by the Kurrupt Crew who joined him on the Bestival main stage for his last song. Between songs, Craig even shared memorable experiences and came across as a genuine pop star who was grateful for what he had achieved.

After the show, the team headed backstage to interview Craig David. Asking Craig David about his performance, he told us “i was singing 7 days and the sun came out, everything happens for a reason”. Craig has certainly achieved vast success within the last couple of years with a sell out tour and an album coming out on September 30th! Be sure to check out the interview on our Youtube channel!

Saturday upped it’s game once again with a performance on the main stage from Wolf Alice. Famed for their 90’s indie rock sound, the North London band lit up the UK indie music scene with their debut album ‘my love is cool’. The band performed some massive hits such as ‘bro’s/nosedive’ and in recognition they received main stage slots at both Glastonbury and Bestival!  After, we headed backstage once again to interview the band. We met drummer Joel Amey and Theo Ellis who seemed to clearly be feeding off the adrenaline of their performance and were heavily grateful for all the support they had received.

The LMS team then decided to visit the smaller stages with performances from Vant and Hinds. Both had superb performances with lots of energy! After listening to Hinds, their last song received an unexpected arrival of around 40 people who all joined the band on stage and outnumbered the security to say the least!

The course of the weekend saw many special performances from Major Lazer, Bastille, The Cure,Years & Years, Fatboy Slim and Craig David.

Plans are already afoot for Bestival 2017, so if you’re suffering from the Bestival blues, never fear! Early Bird tickets for next year’s show are already available to purchase at 10am on Monday 19th September from Ticketline.

There was a real sense of party atmosphere over the course of the weekend. The futuristic themes, the astounding decorative features and of course the performances of internationally acclaimed artists made it a festival that could not be forgotten! After attending this year’s festival, it seems as if Bestival is setting the standard for the future…

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SouthSea Fest Returns To The Music Scene

Southsea Fest is back after taking a short break out and it returns to celebrate it’s 10th anniversary. October finishes with nerve-wracking celebration, Halloween! But there are thirty other days for partying in October and what a better way to spend it than down at Southsea’s common!  The festival brings together fans from all around the world descending to discover fresh new talent and listen to their favourite bands.

Kicking off on October 1st at venues across Southsea and Portsmouth, the festival draws in a capacity of over 4000 festival goers and is rapidly rising! This year brings a slight twist with the addition of a new venue, the pyramids. The festival is arising to draw fans into every aspect Portsmouth and Southsea has to offer! That’s not all, Southsea Fest introduces The Wedgwood Rooms renowned for a selection of well-known international artists from Oasis to Black Grape!

This year is pretty spectacular, expect to witness over 100 live acts who’ll be relatively familiar to the eye! The lineup seems one of familiarity to the team over at LMS witnessing a variety of artists and bands around the UK at festivals, ep’s and live gigs! A familiar artist to LMS comes by the name of Lewis Smith. Back in June, Lewis performed at The Joiners in Southampton where he launched his brand new EP ‘Raw’. Expect to see a mishmash of genres from Lewis ranging from pop, folk and even dance! A band  also familiar to the music scene comes by the name of The Amazons. Back in June, LMS headed to the IOW festival where we interviewed The Amazons and witnessed their live performance. They return with their latest single ‘Nightdriving’, a track centered around times of teenage road touring. They’re not holding back either and are set to perform in Brighton, Lost Village Festival and even Truck Festival! Our headliners, Arcade Hearts will also be there to blow down the stages with their rock anthems! As well as local artists, the fest features headlining acts with the likes of Pigeon Detectives. Pigeon Detectives released their fourth album ‘We Met At Sea’ back in April 2013 and have since performed at V Festival and Brownstock Festival.

For those who are craving an end to the festival season blues, Southsea Fest is definitely worth a visit. Scattering it’s way around Portsmouth, expect to witness a range of music genres from folk, acoustic, rock and pop. With a real mix of fantastic music talent, it’s worth a visit for the small up-front cost of £18! The team over at LMS will be mingling our way amongst crowds and heading our way backstage to interview and photograph. We’re there to soak up the atmosphere too and enjoy what talent their is to offer! Don’t be afraid to come find us!

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Butserfest 2016 | Celebrating 10th Year Anniversary

Butserfest is back once again and this time to celebrate its 10th year anniversary! Since 2007, the festival has grown year by year and holds upholds a reputation as one of best festivals across Hampshire. The festival emphasizes on a no- alcohol and drug free policy which makes it an idealistic environment for newcomers and youth to enjoy an alternative music scene. The festival is set in the heart of the scenic Queen Elizabeth Country Park enclosed by hills and makes it a perfect location for a music scene.

Head back to last year where headliners Don Broco took to the stage once again, having played at the festival’s main stage in 2012. At the beginning of 2015, they headlined the Kerrang! In April, they supported Bring Me The Horizon on the European leg of the tour. By August, they released their second studio album, Automatic which peaked at number 6 in UK Albums Chart Top 100. Last year’s festival also saw the likes of Hacktivist, Qemists, The One Hundred and Cardinal Bay on the main stage.

The festival consists of 3 stages of amazing music. The main stage consists of internationally acclaimed artists including the likes of Mallory Knox, Room 94, Young Guns, Moose Blood and more. The Crossroads stage includes performances from Creeper, Area 11 and Blood Youth. The Introducing stage has performances from A.R.K, Cavalier and City of Ashes.  There also numerous unique experiences such as the signing tent which allows festival goers to meet their favourite bands and artists. In addition, the acoustic Shack will allow you to experience close up personal performances from top names on the line-up.

This year, the festival has gone onto progress even more with an astounding 2016 lineup including bands such as: Mallory Knox, Young Guns and Moose Blood.  This year, alternative rock band, Mallory Knox takes to stage as headliners! You can expect to hear music from their album ‘Asymmetry’, Signals and their EP ‘Pilot’. In early 2015, the band toured America for the first time and headlined Takedown Festival at Southampton University.

Being held at the Queen Elizabeth Country Park, the festival not only offers music but also a range of exciting activities on offer for all ages. So far for 2016, numerous activities have been confirmed including; Last Man Standing, The Big Balls Challenge and a mobile zip line.  Not only does the festival offer activities, but also a selection of traders. Festival Faces are a group of professionally trained makeup artists, beauty therapists, body and face painters who specialise in creating the ultimate party look! Head over to Stay Close Clothing who offer a selection of indie gear that’ll help you stand out from the crowd! You certainly won’t starve either, the street food area offers a selection of hot and cold food options from Nacho’s to waffles and even a selection of freshly prepared pizzas.

2016 brings promise of a bigger and better music scene than ever in celebration of the tenth year the festival has been running! Butserfest is a great way to end your summer and to enjoy an alternative music scene ranging from internationally acclaimed bands to up and coming bands. Keep your eyes peeled for our LMS team who will be interviewing bands, photographing and filming your favourite acts whether it’s on the alternative stage or the main. Only a limited availability of tickets are left, so make sure you get yours soon!

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Bestival 2016 | What To Expect

The summer is finally coming to a close and what a better way to round everything off than with Isle of Wight’s Bestival. Held annually since summer 2004, the festival is renowned for its electronic/ dance vibe. Set in the heart of the beautiful countryside of Robin Hill Country Park, the event spans across four mind-boggling days from 8th to 11th September 2016.

Bestival has assembled a reputation for being wild and wacky. It’s a festival that centres on escapism. Each year, the festival conserves a fancy dress tradition (usually the Saturday) with every year featuring a different theme. Last’s year theme embraced positivity with its theme ‘Summer of Love’ in a reaction to all the negativity occurring around the world.  The theme took festival goers all the way back to the 60’s, a decade of love, peace, freedom and of course old school hipster clothing! This year’s no exception either with the announcement of their 2016 theme: The Future is Here. The experimental idea encourages people to dig deep into their fancy dress box, searching for something considered ‘outside the box’. Why not opt for the sexy robot look or take a more familiar approach and dress up as a Star War’s beloved Storm Trooper. You’ll have to prepare yourselves for futuristic stages, space-age costumes and an incredible selection of pop stars.

The Bestival Family has a long lived history for breaking records, making it bigger and more bad-ass every year. Head all the way back to 2005, festival goers set a new Guinness World Record for the most people in fancy dress at one event! Bestival has reached above and beyond to create what’ll hopefully be the world’s biggest bouncy castle! Let’s face it; you’re never too old to enjoy a bouncy castle! And what’s more, you’ll be bouncing your way past records! Apparently recorded to have been taller than the Great Wall of China and able to accommodate 100 keen festival goers at one time, don’t miss the chance!

The Bestival line-up in 2015 saw the likes of headlining acts such as; Duran Duran, The Chemical Brothers and Missy Elliott. Last year the festival secured the ‘Best Major Festival’ at the UK awards, but Bestival continued to strive to make it even better than the last! This year’s acts to play at Bestival include headliners ‘The Cure’ and Major Lazor. Over the years, the festival has secured some pretty legendary acts including the likes of Snoop Dogg, Elton John and even Stevie Wonder!

Before you head down to Bestival, here’s what to expect from some of the lineup. Let’s take a look at 3 main headlining acts who will guarantee an unforgettable performance.  First up is Major Lazor. You can find the duo headlining on Friday night. They first performed at Bestival five years ago and still to this day recall it as one of their best shows! Their music spans across multiple genres from reggae, dancehall and house. They have performed at some of the biggest festivals including Reading, Wireless and Free Press SummerFest. You can expect a performance bursting with energy and dance inspired vibes which’ll have the crowd going wild! Next up is The Cure. The well-established English band certainly has some experience behind them, forming in 1976. It’s not the first time the band stepped footing at Bestival either, headlining back in 2011. While they are typically associated with gloomy rock music, they’re renowned for producing multiple upbeat songs as well. Some of their most well-known tunes include ‘Just Like Heaven’ and ‘Lovesong’. Estimated to have sold over 27 million albums as of 2004, they will not disappoint. Last but not least is Southampton’s legend, Craig David. Singer, songwriter, rapper and record producer has sold over 13.5 million records and has been nominated for twelve Brit Awards. His performances can be described as ‘seductive’ in the way he delivers everything from R&B to his classic hits ‘Rewind’ and ‘Fill me in’.

For most of the festival, the weather seems to play in the hands of festival goers. Thursday and Friday are expected to be reasonably warm; however you can expect a good chance of heavy rain on Saturday and Sunday. This year has secured an outstanding line-up ranging from futuristic music such as Years and Years which is in line with this year’s theme to veteran performers such as ‘The Cure’. Netherless, it’s a festival that carry’s high expectations and never fails to disappoint.